In Love With Life



Today I partake in the orgy of Life.

The Trees, the Wind, the Sun, the Sky, the Earth: I am passionately in Love with them all.

The Trees teach me to stand tall and proud.

The Wind teaches me to breath deep.

The Sun teaches me to let my own light shine.

The Sky teaches me to open myself to the limitless possibilities.

The Earth teaches me to find my center.

My Soul is caressed. My heart is filled up to overflowing. No matter where I am, I am in Love and I am Loved.




Letters To Lost Lovers


“So much of spiritual life involves one’s interior journey, yet for most of us spirituality gets expressed – even transformed – only in our relationships with others.”

– Philip Simmons, Learning to Fall


Dear Lover,

We had two perfect weeks.

Two amazing, soul inspiring, life affirming, LOVE affirming weeks out of time and reality, suspended in a golden bubble.

No one can take those two weeks away.

They cannot be tainted, they cannot be REPLICATED, but they will be treasured forever in my heart.

I will remember those two weeks.

I will forget that phone conversation when you tried to wrest them from me.

I will not wonder if I will ever see you again; that is not for me to decide. The flow of the Universe brought us together, and only the flow of the Universe can bring us back together. If we never come back together, then we were only ever meant to have those two weeks, and I am not what you need, and you are not what I
need. Trust.

Love ALways,


meeting of souls

Dear Lover,

I do Love you. I will always Love you. Unconditionally. No matter how far away you are, or how much time passes. I Love you.

This is not a possessive Love. I do not expect anything in return.

Just know, that out there in the world, there is someone who saw the best in you once, and will always believe you can be that person. Someone who shared the best of herself with you. You brought that out; you brought out the best in me.

Love Always,


Divine Feminie

Dear Lover,

You can’t love me.

You can’t see me.

You can’t hear me.

You can’t feel me.

But I love you. I see you. I hear you. I feel you. I don’t hate you.

I don’t need to hate to let go, not anymore.

I don’t forgive you; there is nothing to forgive. Thank you for accepting my love, may it set you free.

Love Always,



Dear Lover,

There is nothing to forgive. Would I forgive you for being human? I am only human myself.

You did what you felt you needed to do. I do not take it personally. Yes I am in pain, but the pain is mine; you did not cause it.

You did not break my heart; I broke my heart. I broke my heart with expectation, with need, with my inability to accept. I broke my heart with fear.

There is nothing to forgive. You are on your journey, I am on mine. We both choose the quality of our passage, although we may not always choose the means.

Love Always,


radiant heart

“The universe is made up of experiences that are designed to burn out your attachment, your clinging, to pleasure, to pain, to fear, to all of it. And as long as there is a place where you’re vulnerable, the universe will find a way to confront you with it.”

– Ram Dass

There is no easy path. I keep asking myself “why do I always choose the harder path?”, but the real question is “why do I choose to suffer over the journey?”.

There is no easy path; there is no harder path.There are just many paths. Each with obstacles and challenges. Each leading to the same destination. And there is the choice to suffer or to accept; to embrace LOVE or to be ruled by FEAR.

Now that I accept responsibility for my own suffering, there is no reason for blame. Anger at all past hurts fades away, and is replaced by understanding. A new level of clarity is reached, and with it comes a sense of awakening freedom; a soft light emerging on the horizon, harkening the dawn of a new day.

With Love,


Fear and Control



So I keep screwing up this attraction thing. I keep attracting the things I want, but then, when they’re almost in my grasp, something goes wrong and they slip through my fingers. Or it seems like I’ve got what I want, but then it blows up in my face, and I find out that wasn’t really what I wanted after all.

As I said in my last post on the Law of Attraction, we don’t really know what we want, we just know we want to be happy. The trick is we focus on the things we think will make us happy instead of actual happiness.

So why do things keep going wrong when I try to attract the things I think I want? Because I am still trying to be in CONTROL.

The problem with the over-simplified Law of Attraction is that it’s all about being in CONTROL. I’m going to choose exactly what I want and attract that so I won’t ever have to feel anything bad or ever be uncomfortable. My life will be PERFECT.

But what is control? CHOICE? Would I CHOOSE to be in control of every detail, every aspect of my life so that my entire life experience would be limited by what I can imagine? Would I really choose such a limited existence over the limitless possibilities of an infinite Universe? Do I really want CONTROL?

Trying to be in control is like fighting the tide; there is no controlling fate or the tides of the Universe, there is only the ILLUSION of control and a constant struggle to maintain it. And it is when we struggle that we suffer.

To be truly OPEN, to be truly FREE, is to let go of the illusion of control you are bound in, stop the struggle, and let the abundance of the Universe in, knowing, trusting, that it will provide not necessarily what is wanted, but always what is needed.

Also knowing that the Universe and your own soul will demand that you do, indeed, GROW, and that to grow you will have to leave your comfort zone.

So the equation for today would go something like: NEED for CONTROL = FEAR of GROWTH, FEAR of CHANGE

CHANGE – quite possibly the most terrifying word in existence, and yet it is the path to freedom.

Because it is when we change, when we face our fears, when life throws the hard shit at us and we get UNCOMFORTABLE that we find out who we truly are; we are confronted with the dark sides of ourselves and given an opportunity to transform them; we dig deep and find strength we never knew we had; we see what it is that truly nourishes our souls; we see what’s really important. It is in those moments that we can see clearly just how in control we really are, because ultimately we are in total control of our own happiness, and that is what is truly important.

Life is a series of opportunities and choices. The Universe provides the opportunities but we control the choices we make, and every moment is a new opportunity to choose happiness instead of fear, growth instead of control, freedom instead of illusion.

“How you do anything is how you do everything” – Jack Canfield

Or as I said to a friend the other day “If you can’t be happy grocery shopping, you can’t be happy doing anything.”

With Love,



My Thoughts on the Concept of Abundance and the Law of Attraction


hoar frostAbundance. 

Just what does it mean?

What does it mean to have abundance?

What does it mean to feel the lack of it, or to feel something lacking in your life?

What am I lacking, what is missing in my life?

Is it a lack of material things? Will more THINGS make me abundant?

Of course we can’t speak of abundance without speaking of lack, or of wanting. If you are trying to attract or bring abundance into your life, you must feel something is missing, but what is really meant by abundance? I could have an abundance of manure, and if I were a gardener, that might be a good thing. Really when people talk of feeling abundant, or being abundant, or having abundance, they mean they want for nothing, they have no feeling of lack, or SCARCITY.

This is where the “Law of Attraction” comes in. I will attract the things I want into my life, then I will feel abundant! I will attract the house, the job, the car, the THINGS I want, but then I could just save myself the trouble and attract money, or WEALTH, then I could have anything I wanted. So does WEALTH = Abundance?

Well a lack of money does create a feeling of scarcity which generates FEAR, and stifles happiness, and keeps us from experiencing abundance, drains us of life and a will to go on, discourages us from giving, kills generosity, feeds animosity, and encourages a grasping




mentality, which leads to distrust, PARANOIA, and more FEAR. So then the equation goes WEALTH = ABUNDANCE = No FEAR= HAPPINESS?

Of course this would mean that we are only happy when we have money, and all wealthy people are walking around perpetually happy, while poor people are perpetually unhappy and afraid. Every commercial ever made asking us to spend our money would have us believe this, but we can all look around us and see that it is not so. I can look back at my own life experiences and recognize that even at my poorest, when I have had barely a dime to my name, I have been happy. In fact, I have felt just as much happiness AND fear, regardless of how much money I’ve had.

So would the equation then be HAPPINESS = ABUNDANCE? Of course happiness being a feeling, this equation is about as clear as ditch water. This in-concrete concept = that in-concrete concept. Thanks Robin. I now hold the key to life. (There really needs to be a sarcasm font for moments like this, but you catch my drift.)

So it comes down to HAPPINESS because really that’s what we all want. All this wanting and desiring of things, money, wealth, it comes down to what we think will make us happy. So what we really want is HAPPINESS, and we’ve already ruled out WEALTH as the source of all happiness, so attracting that into our lives is not going to work. Why not use the “Law of Attraction” to attract happiness instead? Because what we want changes from day to day; we really don’t know what we want because we really don’t know what will make us happy. So attract happiness instead. How does one attract happiness? Well according to the “Law of Attraction” we focus our attention on what we want, and really feel like we already have it. I’ll make this even simpler for you; to attract more happiness BE HAPPY.

Well shit, that just makes me think of a quote (from some saint who’s name I can’t remember now and Google seems unable to magically produce) that always annoys me:  “the reward of patience is patience”.  Of course it annoys me because I’m not generally a patient person, and if I’m not patient, then I will never be patient! But then patience isn’t some character trait we are born with (although some people seem to come by it easier), it is a choice, a choice we all make, to be impatient or patient, each and every moment of our lives. And so HAPPINESS is a choice too, and abundance is a series of choices made day after day to be happy, to be grateful, to be generous.

The question remains, if we want to be happy, and all we need to be happy is to choose to be happy, why would we ever choose otherwise?  Well if what we truly want all comes down to HAPPINESS then I would offer the possibility that what only ever holds us back from making that choice is FEAR, but that’s a thought for another day.

“In the spiritual life we are always at the beginning.”

With Love,

Robin Maggie Echo