My Thoughts on the Concept of Abundance and the Law of Attraction


hoar frostAbundance. 

Just what does it mean?

What does it mean to have abundance?

What does it mean to feel the lack of it, or to feel something lacking in your life?

What am I lacking, what is missing in my life?

Is it a lack of material things? Will more THINGS make me abundant?

Of course we can’t speak of abundance without speaking of lack, or of wanting. If you are trying to attract or bring abundance into your life, you must feel something is missing, but what is really meant by abundance? I could have an abundance of manure, and if I were a gardener, that might be a good thing. Really when people talk of feeling abundant, or being abundant, or having abundance, they mean they want for nothing, they have no feeling of lack, or SCARCITY.

This is where the “Law of Attraction” comes in. I will attract the things I want into my life, then I will feel abundant! I will attract the house, the job, the car, the THINGS I want, but then I could just save myself the trouble and attract money, or WEALTH, then I could have anything I wanted. So does WEALTH = Abundance?

Well a lack of money does create a feeling of scarcity which generates FEAR, and stifles happiness, and keeps us from experiencing abundance, drains us of life and a will to go on, discourages us from giving, kills generosity, feeds animosity, and encourages a grasping




mentality, which leads to distrust, PARANOIA, and more FEAR. So then the equation goes WEALTH = ABUNDANCE = No FEAR= HAPPINESS?

Of course this would mean that we are only happy when we have money, and all wealthy people are walking around perpetually happy, while poor people are perpetually unhappy and afraid. Every commercial ever made asking us to spend our money would have us believe this, but we can all look around us and see that it is not so. I can look back at my own life experiences and recognize that even at my poorest, when I have had barely a dime to my name, I have been happy. In fact, I have felt just as much happiness AND fear, regardless of how much money I’ve had.

So would the equation then be HAPPINESS = ABUNDANCE? Of course happiness being a feeling, this equation is about as clear as ditch water. This in-concrete concept = that in-concrete concept. Thanks Robin. I now hold the key to life. (There really needs to be a sarcasm font for moments like this, but you catch my drift.)

So it comes down to HAPPINESS because really that’s what we all want. All this wanting and desiring of things, money, wealth, it comes down to what we think will make us happy. So what we really want is HAPPINESS, and we’ve already ruled out WEALTH as the source of all happiness, so attracting that into our lives is not going to work. Why not use the “Law of Attraction” to attract happiness instead? Because what we want changes from day to day; we really don’t know what we want because we really don’t know what will make us happy. So attract happiness instead. How does one attract happiness? Well according to the “Law of Attraction” we focus our attention on what we want, and really feel like we already have it. I’ll make this even simpler for you; to attract more happiness BE HAPPY.

Well shit, that just makes me think of a quote (from some saint who’s name I can’t remember now and Google seems unable to magically produce) that always annoys me:  “the reward of patience is patience”.  Of course it annoys me because I’m not generally a patient person, and if I’m not patient, then I will never be patient! But then patience isn’t some character trait we are born with (although some people seem to come by it easier), it is a choice, a choice we all make, to be impatient or patient, each and every moment of our lives. And so HAPPINESS is a choice too, and abundance is a series of choices made day after day to be happy, to be grateful, to be generous.

The question remains, if we want to be happy, and all we need to be happy is to choose to be happy, why would we ever choose otherwise?  Well if what we truly want all comes down to HAPPINESS then I would offer the possibility that what only ever holds us back from making that choice is FEAR, but that’s a thought for another day.

“In the spiritual life we are always at the beginning.”

With Love,

Robin Maggie Echo


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